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Earn Your First $100 Freelancing This Week

even if you don’t have any skills!

In this FREE 6-day course,

we’ll walk you step-by-step through:

  • Determining which marketable skills you already have that clients will pay you for (even if you think you don’t have any!)
  • Where to find clients who want to buy your skills now
  • How to position yourself as a trustworthy authority and get the job

Do you know that in the next 10 years more people are projected to be freelancers than traditional employees?

Do you know that 75% of freelancers report earning more within their first year of solopreneurship than they did in their traditional jobs?

And that 36% of all freelancers make more than $75k annually?

(And that number only continues to rise.)

Of course, that’s not by accident.

Successful freelancers had a strategy.

They found a profitable niche that they enjoyed.

They found clients who needed their services and WOW’ed them with their expertise and service.

All, while working from home in the comfort of their favorite yoga pants.

But what if you don’t have any skills?

Everyone has skills!!!

Writing, typing, research, basic use of the Microsoft Office Suite, social media….

The Earn Your First $100 Challenge includes a step-by-step instructional for identifying your marketable skills and experiences, in addition to a workbook and list of skills and experiences to help you brainstorm!

Ok, but how will you get clients?

You don’t want to cold call or have to ask your friends and family for help!

And you don’t have to! This challenge will show you step-by-step the best place to find clients who need your help NOW, and how to get them to hire you – without having to “sell.”

So what’s included in this course?